Langa exhibition Keele

Langa, exhibition of paintings and poetry, Keele University


Langa, ArtsKeele’s latest presentation in Chapters cafe on Keele University campus, is a multidisciplinary exhibition composed of visual art and poetry that examines the many facets of human yearning and desire.

“Within it, poetry and painting are placed as a continuous and flowing context, with each piece encouraging reflection and introspection towards the collection as a whole. More importantly, Langa strives to engage the viewer in a dialogue with visual and written artwork, and to examine the relationship of their own desires and longings with their interpretation of the works,” said Emily Rose, artist.

Emily Rose is a poet and visual artist based in Staffordshire. Her work concentrates on abstracted landscapes and objects, with a focus on colour and structure that encourage an emotional response and dialogue between the subject and viewer.

Emily is a member of the Society of Staffordshire Artists, and displays work across Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme. She was the first female Staffordshire Poet Laureate (2017-19), and Poet in Residence at Lichfield Library (2019-2022).

Emily is hosting ‘An Evening of Spoken Word’ at Chapters cafe (Keele University campus, main square) on Thursday 26th January 6-8pm.

Website: ArtsKeele, Keele University.

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