Wilder Youth project seeks volunteers to tackle environmental issues

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is inviting young people aged 16-24 years to get involved with a new project to tackle environmental issues locally.

The Wilder Youth project will bring together and empower a group of youngsters to make positive change. The project is unique in that the young people will choose the focus. Staff from Staffordshire Wildlife Trust will provide learning, training, and venues for events, and any guidance the young activists might need.

Bateswood nature reserve, Halmerend.
Bateswood nature reserve, Halmerend, one of many managed by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. Photo: Jerome Whittingham.

The Trust’s Wild Wellbeing lead, Alexis Johnson, will deliver the Wilder Youth project over the next 18 months.

Alexis said: “It can be isolating when you’re trying to speak out about environmental issues. In fact, just being a young person can be very lonely! We want to bring young people who care about our environment together in a safe space to work together, and we can’t wait to get started.

“We’re calling out to parents, teachers, youth workers… If you know or work with a young person or youth group who you think would be interested, please share this opportunity with them and encourage them to get in touch.”

Interested? Call, text or email Alexis on 07415092713/01889 880 100 and a.johnson@staffs-wildlife.org.uk or getwild@staffs-wildlife.org.uk

Website: Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

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